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Applying Transmedia to the

Work Place


Filmmakers today have a unique opportunity to turn a traditionally linear storytelling experience into a more enriching journey in world-building.  With transmedia, you can give audiences a more three-dimensional and panoramic adventure in your world by taking advantage of the myriad social, digital, and traditional platforms to provide more backstory, context, and character development. 


You can also allow the audience to immerse themselves more deeply into your story and give them more entry points into your world, whether it's through social media, graphic novels, animations, and other entry points. Transmedia can be used to promote your upcoming feature or use it to maintain your audience for sequels or tell more of your story world through other media.


Successful brands tell compelling stories, but the challenge is how to use all the communication platforms available to communicators today to maximize, amplify and unify your brand’s voice, personality and story into one cohesive narrative.   

Gillette, Dove, Apple, Allstate’s Mayhem Man, Progressive Insurance, Old Spice, BMW, and many others, have successfully used transmedia to engage with customers and communicate the brand’s story across traditional and digital platforms...and, possibly some innovative new approaches as well, such as virtual and augmented reality, even alternate reality.


The right transmedia builds the brand and consumer loyalty.


Transmedia gives educators a unique opportunity to make learning exciting for their students. Imagine if Hansel and Gretel had a brother or sister who was with them as they were lost in the woods. With transmedia, you can create that scenario and actually allow your students to immerse themselves in the story.  Maybe they can write a poem or short comic about what happens to Hansel and Gretel after their experience with the witch. 


Perhaps the students could write a one-act play or short story that told the story of Anne Frank through the eyes of her sister Margot.

Transmedia can be used in a myriad of subjects -- literature, history, drama, music, and art.  And, your students will love creating their own versions of the stories we know today!

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