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When Virtual Reality Meets Transmedia

The title "Chocolate Milk" represents the innocence and idealism one typically finds in a child.  While now a young adult, in many ways, Jonathan still holds on to that innocence.  On another level, he still loves ordering chocolate milk whenever the family goes out to dinner.  This virtual reality project gives viewers an "inside the mind of Jonathan's mind" view of how he perceives the he reacts uniquely to the ordinary sensory touchpoints people come in contact with thousands of times every.  When does an ordinary "Exit" sign become a monster, or a painting emerge from its frame to attack.  The VR will come with a documentary that provides more back story and context. 

If you would like more information about sponsoring "Chocolate Milk" and help better understand the mind of someone on the autism spectrum, please email us at: 

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More About "Chocolate Milk"
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