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Explaining Transmedia

Even though it's a fancy word, transmedia isn't some new 21st Century technology.  There's actually nothing new about transmedia.  It's simply a term that explains how to use existing media platforms -- digital, virtual, traditional, even reality -- to create a more fulfilling way of telling stories.  And, that's an exciting prospect for filmmakers, documentary producers, advertisers, PR professionals, and even educators.

Transmedia doesn't just replace linear, one-dimensional storytelling;

it has the power to turn it into an ongoing narrative that is 

multi-dimensional/multi-perspective and can span multiple platforms

that are mostly digital because that's where the audiences are these

days. Transmedia can also include traditional spaces as well. 

Wouldn't "The Wizard of Oz" have been a more interesting story if there

were a Wikipedia page for Oz, a comic book, or if each of the characters

had their own social media accounts in which they could supply additional insights into the back story and character motivation?

Whether you're making a work of fiction or nonfiction, TV series; you work in the advertising and public relations industries, even in the classroom, the application of transmedia can add all those dimensions and create a more satisfying audience experience. 

Click on the image to learn more about the concept in detail!

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